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Additional Workbench for FreeCAD to create different types of gears, involute gear, involute rack, cycloide gear, bevel gear.



Detailed description: Macro_FCGear


  • Involutegear Creates involute gear
  • Involuterack. Creates involute rack
  • Cycloidegear Creates cycloide gear
  • Bevelgear Creates bevel gear

Drop down menu

  • FCGear menu1.png


  • Gearworkbech.png: FCGear icon


Automatic installation

See Installing

From GitHub


Use only with FreeCAD version > 0.16

Linux Installation Instructions (From GitHub)

Windows Installation Instructions (7/8/8.1/10) (From GitHub)

  • download ZIP-archive by clicking on button in top right corner
  • go to FreeCAD-Macro-Folder (inside FreeCAD, choose "Edit > Preferences > General > Macro to see Macro Path)
  • if you haven't changed the standard settings, it should be "C:\Users\Your_Windows_User_Name\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD"
  • \appdata is a HIDDEN folder, so you may have to change the settings of the file explorer to see it
  • create a sub-folder called "FCGear"
  • make sure to copy files and folders EXACTLY as shown above to the just created sub-folder
  • restart FreeCAD and the workbench should appear in the pull-down menu
  • within FreeCAD you can choose "Tools > Customize > Workbenches" to enable/disable workbenches

Mac Installation Instructions (not tested) (From GitHub)

  • Copy or unzip the FCgear-folder to the directory FreeCAD.app/Contents/Mod where FreeCAD.app is the folder where FreeCAD is installed.

Links to Gear WB

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