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|Topic= Robot Workbench
|Topic= Robot Workbench
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and not mobile or service robots (see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot#Modern_robots here]).
and not mobile or service robots (see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot#Modern_robots here]).
==Setting up the scene==
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#Switch to the [[Robot Workbench]]
#Create a new document by choosing {{KEY| File }} → {{KEY| New }} from the top menu
#Insert a Kuka IR500 robot into the scene by choosing {{KEY| Robot }} → {{KEY| Insert Robots }} → {{KEY| Kuka IR500 }} from the top menu
#Change to axonometric view by clicking on [[Image:View-axometric.png|32px]]
#Zoom to fit all by clicking on [[Image:View-zoom-all.png|32px]]
#Save your file ...
==Setting up a trajectory==
==Setting up a trajectory==
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This tutorial is here to teach you how to use the Robot Workbench to simulate a robot cell set-up.

Before you begin

This tutorial is written for FreeCAD Version 0.16.6703 or higher. So if you don't have FreeCAD on your computer go to the Download page and do the installation.

This tutorial is targeting on the use of industrial robots and not mobile or service robots (see here).

Setting up a trajectory

  1. Switch to the Robot Workbench
  2. Activate the model-tab in the tree view by clicking on it
  3. Create a new trajectory by clicking on Robot CreateTrajectory.png
  4. Select the robot in the tree view
  5. Set home position for robot by clicking on Robot SetHomePos.png
  6. Switch to the Task Panel
  7. By using the sliders change robot position
  8. When robot and trajectory are selected in tree view clicking on Robot InsertWaypoint.png will insert the way-point in the trajectory
  9. Each way-point is shown with a yellow cross, the waypoints are connected with orange lines
  10. Define at least three different way points and insert them in the trajectory

Simulating robot movement

  1. Select robot and trajectory in tree view
  2. Select simulation by clicking on Robot Simulate.png
  3. Click on Play-Button I>
  4. Watch simulation

Robot Tutorial RobotSimulation.gif