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The Robot Workbench is unmaintained. If you have experience with the topic and are interested in maintaining it, please state your intention in the developer's section of the FreeCAD forum.

The reason this workbench is still in the master source code is because this workbench is programmed in C++. If this workbench could be programmed in Python, then it could be made an external workbench and it could be moved to a separate repository.


Robot workbench icon

Robot arbetsbänken är ett verktyg för simulering av 6-axliga industrirobotar, som t.ex. Kuka. Denna arbetsbänk är ett pågående arbete för att implementera ett off-line programmeringsverktyg för Robot_6-Axis industrirobotar i FreeCAD. You can do following tasks:

  • set up a simulation environment with a robot and work pieces
  • create and fill up trajectories
  • decompose features of an CAD part to a trajectory
  • simulate the robot movement and reachability
  • export the trajectory to a robot program file

You can do the following tasks:

  • Set up a simulation environment with a robot and work pieces.
  • Create and fill up movement trajectories.
  • Decompose features of a CAD part to a trajectory.
  • Simulate the robot movement and reaching distance.
  • Export the trajectory to a robot program file.

Du kan hitta ett exempel här: Example files or try the Robot tutorial.

Robot Workbench example.jpg


Here the principal commands you can use to create a robot set-up.


The tools to create and manage the 6-Axis robots


Tools to create and manipulate trajectories. There are two kinds, the parametric and non parametric ones.

Non parametric trajectories

Parametric trajectories


Detta avsnitt är genererat från: Du kan använda den filen direkt, om du vill.

See the Robot API example for a description of the functions used to model the robot displacements.