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The Property Editor is one of the most important tools of FreeCAD and a main element while working with FreeCAD. The Property Editor allows managing the properties of the objects in your document.

Generally the Property Editor is intended to deal with just one object at one time. The values shown in the Property Editor belong to the active object of your active document (be careful of which document is really active if you work on multiple documents). If you did not select any element (or there are no elements), the Property Editor will be blank.

Not all the properties can be modified in any moment. Depending on the specific status, some properties will be shown as read-only.

The properties of an object are grouped in View properties and Data properties, and shown under different tabs.

Different objects may have different properties. However, some properties are common among all objects, for instance the position and the rotation of an object are Data properties that can be manipulated.

Property definition



The Property Editor has two tabs: the View tab and the Data tab.

  • The View tab provides access to the properties related to the visual display of the object
  • The Data tab allows modification of the physical parameters of an object.

Example of Part object properties

Template:PartDesign Placement

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