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The Points Workbench is intended to give you specific tools for working with point clouds. The workbench is still in development.

A point cloud is a collection of points in 3D space. A point cloud is generally produced by scanning the surface of a solid object. Then the cloud of points can be used for many purposes including building a mesh for the object, reconstructing the surfaces and solid volumes, reverse engineering, as well as for visualization and quality inspection of parts.


  • Points Import Point cloud.svg Import: imports a point cloud from a text file.
  • Points Export Point cloud.svg Export: exports a point cloud to a text file.
  • Transform: transforms a point cloud.
  • Convert: converts to points.
  • PolygonPick.svg Polygon cut: cuts a point cloud with a picked polygon.
  • Merge: merge several point clouds into one.


At the moment the workbench has no automatic routines to deal with the imported points, but the user can use Python scripting to programmatically process the data.

See the discussions in the forum:

It is also possible to use the tools from the Draft Workbench to connect the points using Draft objects such as Lines and Splines. Using the Endpoint snapping method will ensure that the tools snap to the imported points.