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Tools → Edit Parameters → BaseApp → Preferences → Mod → Path → EnableExperimentalFeatures
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The Path Workbench contains, by default, a set of hidden features. They are hidden by default because they are developmental or experimental for the following reasons:

  • is an incomplete feature
  • is bug-ridden
  • is unstable
  • does not produce correct, stable, safe, paths
  • is not a standard, regularly used tool in the traditional CAM workflow
  • is a mature, ready tool that has not been moved to the standard tool list
  • ... other reasons


To access the hidden experimental features in the Path Workbench, the user must enable them. To enable Experimental Features:

  1. Open 'Tools' menu, and select 'Edit Parameters... ->BaseApp ->Preferences ->Mod ->Path'.
  2. Right click in the parameter list area to obtain the actions pop-up menu.
  3. Create a new Boolean parameter.
  4. Name the new parameter: EnableExperimentalFeatures (case-sensitive).
  5. Set it to: True.
  6. Save the settings.
  7. Reopen FreeCAD.

The experimental tools should appear in the Path Workbench.

Path wb enable experimental features.PNG

Additional Information

Read more about the specific experimental features on the wiki pages that link to this one