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Path 3DSurface.svg Path 3DSurface

Menu location
Path → 3D Surface
Default shortcut
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This tool creates a new 3D Surface Operation. A 3D Surface operation uses the entire top surface of the 3D Model to generate G-Code for the Job.

The 3D Surface Tool interfaces to OCL.pyd, a 3rd party Open Source module titled OpenCamLib, that generates tool paths from a 3D Model. OpenCamLib is not integrated directly into FreeCAD to ensure their license is not violated. It requires that Experimental Features are enabled.


  1. Press the 16px 3D Surface button.
  2. Select the tool controller for the Operation from the Tool controller dialogue pop up window.
  3. Set the Finish Depth.
  4. Select between Dropcutter and Waterline for the Tool algorithm.
  5. Apply, then Hit OK to confirm.