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轮廓工具创建一个简单的,由基于复杂3D[[Part Module|零件]]-对象切割出的外部轮廓线。整个作业模型在轮廓命令被调用时为刀具运行提供输入,无论实体几何体是否被选中。起始点可以从刀具运行编辑器中选择,使用一个在属性预览->起始点定义的位置。
轮廓工具创建一个简单的,由基于复杂3D[[Part Module|零件]]-对象切割出的外部轮廓线。整个作业模型在轮廓命令被调用时为刀具运行提供输入,无论实体几何体是否被选中。起始点可以从刀具运行编辑器中选择,使用一个在属性预览->起始点定义的位置。
The Path Contour object is made to be part of a [[Path Job]].
刀路轮廓对象将成为[[Path Job|刀路作业]]的一部分。

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Path Contour.svg Path Contour

Menu location
Path → Contour
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
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  1. Press the Path Contour.png Contour button
  2. Adjust the desired properties


Base Geometry

  • Add, if not allready done, the elements which should be the base for the path
    • you can also delete or change to other elements


  • DataStart Depth: Starting Depth of Tool- starting depth in Z
  • DataFinal Depth: Final Depth of Tool- lowest cutting level in Z
  • DataStep Down: Step Down of Tool- the amount of material which will be removed at once


  • DataSafe Height: The hight above the workpeace where rapid motions are allowed.
  • DataClearance Height: The height needed to clear clamps and obstructions


  • DataTool Controller: Defines the Tool controller used in the Operation
  • DataCut Side: Defines on which side the cut should be done
  • DataDirection: Specifies a CW or CCW move for the cut
  • DataExtra Offset: Addet to the tool diameter to leave some material for a finish path
  • DataUse Start Point: Set the start point of the path manualy (not implemented jet)
  • DataUse Compensation: Creates a path with offset of the tool radius to respect the parts dimensions