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The FreeCAD Parts library is a user-contributed library of objects for FreeCAD and other applications. All objects contained in the library are licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 license, which means you are free to use them in any of your projects. It contains all kinds of objects for different specialties (electrical parts, architectural parts, etc...) under different file formats, commonly .FCStd, .STEP and/or .BREP. The two latter formats can be opened with other applications that FreeCAD.

The library is hosted outside of FreeCAD, at and can be installed from inside FreeCAD via the AddonManager.svg Addons Manager. Once installed, the contents of the Parts library can be added to your model in different ways:

  • Simply by using the File → Import (for STEP or BREP files) or File → Merge project (for FCStd files) and navigating to the folder where the Parts library is installed (which is indicated in the addon description in the Addons Manager window)
  • By using the PartsLibrary.FCMacro tool provided with the parts library (found under menu Macro → Macros...)
  • By using the BIM_Library tool

It is also possible to not install the library, and simply download the files from the GitHub location above.