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|Name=Part TransformedCopy
|Name=Part TransformedCopy
|MenuLocation=Part → Create a copy Create transformed copy
|Name/it=Crea una copia modificata
|Workbenches=[[Part Workbench|Part]]
|MenuLocation=Part → Crea una copia Crea una copia modificata
|Workbenches=[[Part Workbench/it|Part]]
|SeeAlso=[[Part_SimpleCopy|SimpleCopy]], [[Part_ElementCopy|ElementCopy]], [[Part_RefineShape|RefineShape]]
|SeeAlso=[[Part_SimpleCopy/it|Copia semplice]], [[Part_ElementCopy/it|Copia di un elemento]], [[Part_RefineShape/it|Affina forma]]

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Part TransformedCopy.svg Crea una copia modificata

Nome nel codice
Part TransformedCopy
Posizione nel menu
Part → Crea una copia → Crea una copia modificata
Avvio veloce
Introdotto nella versione
Vedere anche
Copia semplice, Copia di un elemento, Affina forma


Part TransformedCopy produces a non-parametric copy of an object that has been displaced from its original position.

To produce other non-parametric copies use SimpleCopy, ElementCopy, or RefineShape.

How to use

  1. Select an object that you wish to copy.
  2. Go to the menu Part → Create a copy → Part TransformedCopy.svg Create transformed copy.



The copy has a simple DataPlacement property like any other Part Feature.


The copy has simple view properties like any other Part Feature.