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Part Sphere.svg Part Sphere

Menu location
Part -> Sphere
Part Module,Complete
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See also
Part CreatePrimitives


Creates a simple parametric sphere, with position, angle1, angle2, angle3 and radius parameters.


How to use

In the workbench Part click on the sphere icon Part Sphere.png. The sphere will be positioned at origin (point 0,0,0) on creation. The angle parameters permit to make a portion of sphere instead of a full sphere (they are set to 360° by default).


The parametric sphere is defined by the following parameters:

  • Radius
  • Angle 1
  • Angle 2
  • Angle 3
  • as well as the standard set of placement parameters

The picture below gives an overview of a parametric sphere with parameters different from the default value.

PartDesign Sphere Parameter en.jpg


  • Radius: Radius of the sphere
  • Angle 1: Angle defined between the y-axis (green arrow) and an imaginary rotating line around the x-axis (red arrow). One end of the line is fixed on the origin. The other end of the line may rotate as said around the x-axis and remain in the XY-plane. The line has the length of the radius of the sphere.
  • Angle 2: Test
Other languages:
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