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Part SliceApart.svg Part SliceApart

Menu location
Part → Split → Slice Apart
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Part Slice to compound, Part Explode Compound


Tool to split shapes by intersection with other shapes. For example, for a box and a plane, two solids are created. Part Slice Demo.png

On the picture above, the pieces were moved apart manually afterwards, to reveal the slicing.

Slice apart is the same as Part Slice followed by Part Explode Compound. While "Slice to compound" is fully-parametric, and causes no trouble as the number of pieces changes, "Slice apart" will not update the number of objects as the number of pieces changes.

Please visit Part Slice page for more info.


Slice Apart was introduced in FreeCAD v0.18.15506. FreeCAD needs to be compiled with OCC 6.9.0 or later; otherwise, the tool is unavailable.