Part: Crearea unei simple copii

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Tree Part.svg Part CreateSimpleCopy‏‎

poziția meniului
Part → Create simple copy
nici unul
Prezentat în versiune
A se vedea, de asemenea,
Clone, Copy, Duplicate Selection


Elimină istoricul piesei, astfel încât pașii diferiți pentru a crea piesa nu mai sunt accesibili / editabili de loc.

Part SimpleCopy.svg Part SimpleCopy‎ produces a copy that has no parametric history; the steps and operations needed to create it aren't accessible any more.

With Simple copy only a non-parametric simple solid is produced, so if you want to change anything you have to go back to your creation file or history fix the issue then create a new simple solid.


Mark part of choice in the tree view and choose Part → Create simple copy.

  1. Select an object for which you wish to make a copy.
  2. Go to the menu Part → Create a copy → Part SimpleCopy.svg Create simple copy.



The copy has a simple DatePlacement property like any other Part Feature.


The copy has simple view properties like any other Part Feature.