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|Name=Part SimpleCopy‎
|Name=Part SimpleCopy‎
|MenuLocation=Part → Create a copy → Create simple copy
|MenuLocation=Part → Create a copy → Create simple copy
|Workbenches=[[Part Workbench|Part]]
|SeeAlso=[[Std Copy|Copy]], [[Std_DuplicateSelection|Duplicate Selection]], [[Part_TransformedCopy|TransformedCopy]], [[Part_ElementCopy|ElementCopy]], [[Part_RefineShape|RefineShape]]
|SeeAlso=[[Std_Copy|Std Copy]], [[Std_DuplicateSelection|Std Duplicate Selection]], [[Part_TransformedCopy|Part TransformedCopy]], [[Part_ElementCopy|Part ElementCopy]], [[Part_RefineShape|Part RefineShape]]

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Part SimpleCopy.svg Part SimpleCopy‎

Menu location
Part → Create a copy → Create simple copy
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Std Copy, Std Duplicate Selection, Part TransformedCopy, Part ElementCopy, Part RefineShape


Part SimpleCopy.svg Part SimpleCopy‎ produces a copy that has no parametric history; the steps and operations needed to create it aren't accessible any more.

Alternatively, to produce other non-parametric copies use Part TransformedCopy.svgTransformed Copy, Part ElementCopy.svg Element Copy, and Part RefineShape.svg RefineShape


  1. Select an object for which you wish to make a copy.
  2. Go to the menu Part → Create a copy → Part SimpleCopy.svg Create simple copy.



The copy has a simple DataPlacement property like any other Part Feature.


The copy has simple view properties like any other Part Feature.