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Part ShapeFromMesh.svg Part ShapeFromMesh‏‎

Menu location
Part → Create shape from mesh...
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Part ConvertToSolid, Part RefineShape, Part PointsFromMesh


The Part ShapeFromMesh.svg Part ShapeFromMesh command creates a shape from a mesh object. Mesh objects have limited editing capabilities in FreeCAD, converting them to shapes will allow their use with many more tools in FreeCAD (see Notes).


  1. Select the mesh object.
  2. Choose Part → Part ShapeFromMesh.svg Create shape from mesh from the top menu.
  3. A popup-menu will ask for the tolerance for sewing shape (default value: 0,1)
  4. A shape from the mesh object is created as a separate new object.


There will be no analyzing or validating of the mesh object.

Analyzing and repairing of the mesh (if needed) should be done manually before conversion.

Appropriate tools are available in the Workbench Mesh.svg Mesh Workbench


After creation of a shape, it may be useful to use Convert to solid (necessary for Boolean operations) and Part RefineShape.svg Refine shape tools.