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Part ProjectionOnSurface.svg Part ProjectionOnSurface

Menu location
Part → Create projection on surface...
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Project a logo, text or any face,wire,edge to a surface.
With this function it is possible to create a projection solid, face, or wire. With the created shape e.g. it is possible to create a boolean cut.

How to use

  1. Select the face you want to project to.
  2. The projection direction
    • When entering the function, the current camera direction is used for the projection direction
    • To change the direction, use the camera direction to get your projection direction and press "Get current camera direction"
    • Or press X:,Y:,Z: to toggle the direction x=1,x=-1,y=1,y=-1,z=1,z=-1
  3. Choose what kind of shape you want to add to your projection object.
    • Add Face: Select a face you want to add.
    • Add wire: Select a edge. The algorithm takes the wire the edge belongs to and adds it to the projection object.
    • Add edge: Select a edge. The selected edge is added to the projection object.
  4. Choose the what kind of shape you like to create.
    • Show all: Shows if possible the projected solid object.
    • Show faces: Shows if possible the projected face object.
    • Show edges: Shows the projected edge object.
  5. Extrude height is the value the solid is extrude along the reversed projection direction.
  6. Solid depth is the value the projection object is moved along the projection direction.
  7. When you are finish with the projection object hit "OK" and the projection object is created.



The projection algorithm sometimes is not able to create a valid projection face. If this happens a solid also can't be created.
If this happens:

  1. Check if your starting face is valid.
  2. Check if the projection direction is valid. (Can the face be projected to surface? Or does it not hit the surface?)
  3. Try to use the "Show edges" option. Are the edges projected well? Try to create a face with the edges by hand.



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