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Part CreatePrimitives.svg Part_CreatePrimitives

Menu location
PartCreate Primitives → Plane
Part, OpenSCAD
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Create Primitives

Create a simple parametric plane 10 x 10 mm, with the parameters of position, length, and width.
By default, the plane is positioned at the origin (0,0,0).



The standard plane is created with its lower left corner at the origin point 0,0,0. To change these parameters, open the Location section and enter the desired values ​​in the respective input fields, or click on the 3D view and select a point, the point coordinates are taken from the fields. In the Direction menu you can also define a standard vector (X, Y or Z) normal to the plane, or click User Defined ... to open the dialog box that allows you to set a different carrier (eg direction 1.0 , -1 creates a plane inclined 45 ° with respect to X and Z).

The properties can be changed later in the Combined View → Data, after selecting the item.




You have the standard properties view.


Base - Object placement data

  • DataLabel : String name of the object, defaults to 'Plane'. User may rename it.
  • DataPlacement: Placement of feature is defined by below angle, axis and position.
  • DataAngle : Angle of rotation relative to the below axis.
  • DataAxis : Defines the axis of rotation plane: X, Y, or Z. Defaults to Z axis, Z = 1
  • DataPosition : Position X, Y, Z, relative to the origin 0, 0, 0.

Plane - Plane Specific Parameters

  • DataLength : Length is the dimension along the X axis The default value is 10 mm
  • DataWidth : Width is the size of the Y-axis The default value is 10 mm
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