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Workbench Part Part-Arbeitsbereich

Part Box Würfel

{{KEY|[[File:Part Box.png|16px|Part Box|link=Part Box/de]] [[Part Box/de|Würfel]]}}

Part Cylinder Zylinder

{{KEY|[[File:Part Cylinder.png|16px|Part Cylinder|link=Part Cylinder/de]] [[Part Cylinder/de|Zylinder]]}}

Part Sphere Kugel

{{KEY|[[File:Part Sphere.png|16px|Part Sphere|link=Part Sphere/de]] [[Part Sphere/de|Kugel]]}}

Part Cone Part Cone

{{KEY|[[File:Part Cone.png|16px|Part Cone|link=Part Cone]] [[Part Cone|Part Cone]]}}

Part Torus Part Torus

{{KEY|[[File:Part Torus.png|16px|Part Torus|link=Part Torus]] [[Part Torus|Part Torus]]}}

Part CreatePrimitives Part CreatePrimitives

[[Image:Part CreatePrimitives.png|16px|Part CreatePrimitives|link=Part CreatePrimitives]] [[Part CreatePrimitives|Part CreatePrimitives]]

Part Shapebuilder Part Shapebuilder

{{KEY|[[File:Part Shapebuilder.png|16px|Part Shapebuilder|link=Part Shapebuilder]] [[Part Shapebuilder|Part Shapebuilder]]}}

Part Editing tools

Part Extrude Part Extrude

{{KEY|[[File:Part Extrude.png|16px|Part Extrude|link=Part Extrude]] [[Part Extrude|Part Extrude]]}}

Part Revolve Part Revolve

{{KEY|[[File:Part Revolve.png|16px|Part Revolve|link=Part Revolve]] [[Part Revolve|Part Revolve]]}}

Part Mirror Part Mirror

{{KEY|[[File:Part Mirror.png|16px|Part Mirror|link=Part Mirror]] [[Part Mirror|Part Mirror]]}}

Part Fillet Part Fillet

{{KEY|[[File:Part Fillet.png|16px|Part Fillet|link=Part Fillet]] [[Part Fillet|Part Fillet]]}}

Part Chamfer Part Chamfer

{{KEY|[[File:Part Chamfer.png|16px|Part Chamfer|link=Part Chamfer]] [[Part Chamfer|Part Chamfer]]}}

Part Boolean tools

Part Booleans Part Booleans

{{KEY|[[File:Part Booleans.png|16px|Part Booleans|link=Part Booleans]] [[Part Booleans|Part Booleans]]}}

Part Cut Part Cut

{{KEY|[[File:Part Cut.png|16px|Part Cut|link=Part Cut]] [[Part Cut|Part Cut]]}}

Part Union Part Union

{{KEY|[[File:Part Union.png|16px|Part Union|link=Part Union]] [[Part Union|Part Union]]}}

Part Common Part Common

{{KEY|[[File:Part Common.png|16px|Part Common|link=Part Common]] [[Part Common|Part Common]]}}

Part Section Part Section

{{KEY|[[File:Part Section.png|16px|Part Section|link=Part Section]] [[Part Section|Part Section]]}}