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The Part Design Workbench aims to provide tools for modelling complex solid parts and is based on a Feature editing methodology. It is intricately linked with the Sketcher Workbench.

This wiki page was written based on the v0.12 version of FreeCAD. Prior versions are missing some of the Part Design tools, or may even not include them. To get access to all the current Part Design features, go to the Download page to update your version of FreeCAD.

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Basic Workflow

The sketch is the building block for creating and editing solid parts. The workflow can be summarized by this: a sketch containing 2D geometry is created first, then a solid creation tool is used on the sketch. At the moment the available tools are Pad (which extrudes a sketch), Pocket (which creates a pocket on an existing solid) and Revolve (which creates a solid by revolving a sketch along an axis). More tools are planned in future releases.

The Tools

The Part Design tools are all located in the Part Design menu that appears when you load the Part Design module.

They include the Sketcher Workbench tools, since the Part Design module is so dependant on them.

The Sketcher Tools

Template:Sketcher Tools

The Part Design Tools

Template:PartDesign Tools

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