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PartDesign -> PolarPattern
PartDesign, Complete
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'Make a polar pattern of features' - This tool takes a set of one or more selected features as its input (the 'originals'), and produces with it a second set of features rotated around a given axis. For example:

Polarpattern example.png


When creating a polar pattern feature, the 'polar pattern parameters' dialogue offers two different ways of specifying the pattern rotation axis.

Normal sketch axis

An axis being normal to the sketch and starting in the origin of the sketch of the feature being used is taken as axis for the polar pattern.
The pattern direction can be reversed by ticking 'Reverse direction'.

Select reference

Here you can select an edge as a reference.
If that option is chosen only the edge of a feature being used just before the polar pattern-operation is choosable. So you are able to use this option by:

  • creating a helper feature (for example a pad) with on of the edges being the axis of the polar pattern
  • create feature (pad or pocket) to be patterned
  • select polar pattern feature and select edge as reference
  • use another helper feature (for example pocket) to remove your first helper feature.

The pattern direction can be reversed by ticking 'Reverse direction'.

PartDesign PolarPattern EdgeReference.gif

Angle and Occurrences

Specifies the angle to be covered by the pattern, and the total number of pattern shapes (including the original feature). For example, four occurrences in an angle of 180 degrees would give a spacing of 60 degrees between patterns. There is one exception: If the angle is 360 degrees, since first and last occurrence are identical, four occurrences will be spaced 90 degrees apart.



Polarpattern example2.jpg

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