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PartDesign Mirrored.svg PartDesign Mirrored

Menu location
Part Design → Apply a pattern → Mirrored
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The Mirrored tool mirrors features on a plane.

PartDesign Mirrored example.svg

Above: a Pocket feature was created from a sketch containing a circle (A), the Pocket was subsequently used to create a Mirrored feature. The sketch vertical axis (B) was used as axis of symmetry. The result (C) is shown on the right.


To create a mirroring:

  1. Select the one or more features to be mirrored.
  2. Press the PartDesign Mirrored.svg Mirrored button.
  3. If you have several features in the mirroring, their order can be important, see for example the image in the PolarPattern feature. You can change the order by dragging the feature in the list and you will see the result immediately as preview.
  4. Define the mirror Plane. See Options.
  5. Press OK.

To add or remove features from an existing mirroring:

  1. Press Add feature to add a feature to be mirrored. The feature must be visible in the 3D view:
    1. Switch to the Model tree;
    2. Select in the tree the feature to be added and press Space to make it visible in the 3D view;
    3. Switch back to the Tasks panel;
    4. Select the feature in the 3D view; it will be added to the list.
    5. Repeat to add other features.
  2. Press Remove feature to remove a feature from the list, or right-click on the feature in the list and select Remove.


Mirrored parameters


When creating a mirrored feature, the Mirrored parameters dialog offers different ways of specifying the mirror line or plane .

Horizontal sketch axis

Uses the horizontal axis of the sketch as the axis of symmetry.

Vertical sketch axis

Uses the vertical axis of the sketch as the axis of symmetry.

Select reference...

Allows you to select a plane (such as a face of an object) to use as a mirror plane .

Custom Sketch Axis

If the sketch which defines the feature to be mirrored also contains a construction line (or lines), then the drop down list will contain one custom sketch axis for each construction line. The first construction line will be labelled 'Sketch axis 0'. The image below is an example with the sketch in edit mode showing that it includes a construction line for use as the Mirrored axis.

PartDesign Mirrored axis fromconstructionlines.jpg

Base (XY/XZ/YZ) plane

Select one of the Body Origin's standard planes (XY, XZ or YZ).


The mirror result can be previewed in real time before clicking OK by checking "Update view" .


  • The Mirrored feature cannot mirror a whole solid body. For that, see Part Mirror .
  • A Mirrored feature cannot be applied directly to another pattern, be it polar, linear or another mirror. For this you need a PartDesign MultiTransform.
  • The mirrored feature must intersect the solid (also called support) it is based on, or the command will fail.