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PartDesign InvoluteGear.svg PartDesign InvoluteGear

Menu location
Part Design → Involute gear...
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
FCGear Workbench


This tool allows you to create a 2D profile of an involute gear. This 2D profile is fully parametric, and can be padded with the PartDesign Pad feature.
For more detailed information see Wikipedia's entries for: Gear and Involute Gear

PartDesign Involute Gear 01.png


  1. Go to the menu Part Design → PartDesign InternalExternalGear.svg Involute gear....
  2. Set the Involute parameters.
  3. Click OK
  4. The involute gear is created outside of the active body. Drag and drop it into a body for the application of further features like padding.


  • Number of teeth: Sets the number of teeth.
  • Modules: Pitch diameter divided by the number of teeth.
  • Pressure angle: Acute angle between the line of action and a normal to the line connecting the gear centers. Default is 20 degrees. (More info)
  • High precision: True or false
  • External gear: True or false