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PartDesign InvoluteGear.svg PartDesign InvoluteGear

Menu location
Part Design → Involute gear...
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This tool allows you to create a 2D profile of an involute gear. This 2D profile is fully parametric, and can be padded with the PartDesign Pad feature.

PartDesign Involute Gear 01.png

How to use

  1. Go to the Part Design → PartDesign InvoluteGear.png Involute gear... menu.
  2. Set the Involute parameters
  3. Click OK.


Number of teeth

Sets the number of teeth.


Pitch diameter divided by the number of teeth.

Pressure angle

Acute angle between the line of action and a normal to the line connecting the gear centers. Default is 20 degrees. (More info)

High precision (on v0.15 development version only)

True or false

External gear (on v0.15 development version only)

True or false


  • In v0.14.3700/3702/3703, the 3D view does not resize automatically upon creation of the involute gear. Click on the 16px Fit all icon to display the involute gear on screen.

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