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PartDesign Draft.svg PartDesign Tiefgang

Part Design → Tiefgang
Part Design
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Dieses Werkzeug erstellt Tiefgang an den ausgewählten Kanten eines Objekts. Ein neues separates Draft-Formelement (benannt mit Draft und einer fortlaufenden Nummer, wenn im Dokument bereits Draft-Elemente vorhanden sind) wird im Modellbaum erstellt.

Select one or more faces on the object before starting the tool. Here, 2 faces have been selected.
Showing Draft Parameter in TaskPanel.
2 faces have been added, and a 10 deg. draft applied. The bottom plane has remained dimensionally stable, while the draft has made the top plane smaller.
The Neutral Plane has been changed to the Top Surface. Now, the top plane has stayed dimensionally stable, while the draft has made the bottom plane larger.
Pull direction is set to the lower right edge, resulting in the draft pulling to the left.
Checking the Reverse Direction box has applied an inward draft rather than outward.


  • Select one or more faces on an object, then start the tool either by clicking its icon or going into the menu.
  • In Draft Parameters on the TaskPanel, set the required parameters and/or options as described below.
  • Click OK to validate.
  • To edit the draft after the function has been validated, either double-click on the Draft label in the Project tree, or right-click on it and select Edit Draft.

Parameters and Options

Add Face / Remove Face

Click Add Face or Remove Face, then select a single face to update the list of active faces. Repeat as needed.

Draft Angle

Set the Draft Angle by entering a value or by clicking on the up/down arrows. The applied draft angle is shown in real time.

Neutral Plane

Click Neutral Plane, then select the plane that must not change dimensionally. The change is made in real time.

Pull Direction

Click Pull Direction, then select an edge. Pull Direction is only effective if the Neutral Plane has been set. Results can be unpredictable.

Reverse Pull Direction

Checking Reverse Pull Direction will toggle the draft between positive and negative angles.

Special Cases

The Draft tool will only function on faces that are normal to each other. If there are any tangential faces attached to the face you wish to apply draft to, it will fail. A common cause of failure is attempting to apply draft to a face that already has a fillet or chamfer applied to it. In this case, remove the tangential surface, apply the draft as need, then re-apply the fillet or chamfer.

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