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PartDesign Clone.svg PartDesign Clone

Menu location
Part Design → Create a clone
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft Clone


PartDesign Clone creates a linked copy of a selected object. Most types of objects are accepted, as long as they are single solids. The main use for the PartDesign Clone is to use an object created in another workbench for a PartDesign Boolean feature. It can also be simply used to create linked copies.

introduced in version 0.17


Clone of the inner gear while beeing translated in 3D space as an independent object

How to use

  1. In the Model tree, select the object to be cloned.
  2. Press the PartDesign Clone.png Create a clone button.


  • DataBase Feature: sets the original object the clone is based on. To replace, press the ... button to get a list of available objects.
  • DataPlacement: defines the orientation and position of the Clone in the 3D space. See Placement.
  • DataLabel: label given to the Clone object. Change to suit your needs.