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POV-Ray-Rendering External workbench icon


The POV-Ray-Rendering Workbench is an external workbench which is built to create renderings easily but also offering advanced options for advanced users.

POV-Ray-Rendering Example.png


Applying Textures

There are more than 100 predefined textures you can apply easily or define your own materials.

POV-Ray-Rendering Textures.png

Thumbnails and Live Preview

You can check the appearance of the material/texture with the pre-rendered thumbnails of the textures. If you want to see the impact of changed options of the texture, you can use the live preview that renders the chosen texture and the options to fine tune the material.


With the three light types area light, point light, spot light and their different options, you can create advanced lightnings to create the convenient atmosphere of the picture.

POV-Ray-Rendering Lights.png

Indirect Lightning (GI)

The workbench has the option to enable indirect lightning to create more realistic images.

File:POV-Ray-Rendering IndirectLightning.png

HDRI Environments

With the support for HDRI environments, beautiful environments are simple to use:

POV-Ray-Rendering HDRI.png

User Inc File

The user has the option to use an extra file what offers the option to use all options of the renderer. For more details, checkout our wiki: Power User


It's a lot easier to watch this simple demo of the workbench instead of describing it:

POV-Ray-Rendering Demo.gif

There are many more options in the other tabs you can explore by yourself, or look into our wiki: Workbench Wiki


This workbench can be easily installed and updated from the AddonManager.svg Addon Manager available in version 0/17 and above (not working already, has to be installed manually as described here: README - Installation). This workbench is part of FreeCAD's External workbenches. After the workbench is installed, the renderer in the background, POV-Ray, must be installed. How to do this is described here: http://wiki.povray.org/content/HowTo:Install_POV

Finally the path to the POV-Ray installation has to be defined in the workbench settings:

POV-Ray-Rendering ExePath.png


Almost every setting, except the settings of the light objects, is done in the dialog, so there are not many commands:

  • POV-Ray-Rendering OpenDialog.svg OpenDialog: Open the Dialog where you can apply textures, add HDRI environments, etc. and start the rendering
  • POV-Ray-Rendering PointLight.svg Point Light: Insert a Point Light
  • POV-Ray-Rendering AreaLight.svg Area Light: Insert an Area Light
  • POV-Ray-Rendering SpotLight.svg Spot Light: Insert a Spot Light


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