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OpenSCAD ScaleMeshFeature.svg OpenSCAD ScaleMeshFeature

Menu location
OpenSCAD → Scale Mesh Feature
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Mesh Scale


Creates a new scaled mesh object with independent scaling for each axis.


  1. Select the mesh object to be scaled.
  2. Click the OpenSCAD → Scale Mesh Feature... menu.
  3. Select the desired axis in the dialog, or enter your own custom axis to use and click OK.
  • A new mesh object is created and scaled, the original object is rendered hidden.


  • The new mesh object is not parametric to the original mesh object, which means any changes to the original object do not get reflected in the new scaled object.


  • The function does not modify the existing mesh, but returns a new mesh.
  • The function can be accessed via python:
import OpenSCADUtils
import Mesh
#this assumes an existing object in the document named "Mesh" that you wish to scale
original_mesh = App.ActiveDocument.Mesh
scaled_mesh = OpenSCADUtils.scalemesh(original_mesh.Mesh, FreeCAD.Base.Vector(1,0,0))