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OpenSCAD ExplodeGroup.svg OpenSCAD ExplodeGroup

Menu location
OpenSCAD → Explode Group‏‎
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This feature explodes a fusion or a compound back to single parts applying random colours to these parts.


  1. Select fusion/compound to be exploded
  2. Click on OpenSCAD ExplodeGroup.svg or choose OpenSCADOpenSCAD ExplodeGroup.svg Explode Group from the top menu.


The feature works only on fusions/compounds consisting of

  • part primitives from part workbench
  • extruded parts from part workbench
  • revolved parts from part workbench

The feature will NOT work on

  • pads/revolution-parts from part design workbench
  • arrays from draft workbench


For dissolving arrays from draft workbench use the Draft Downgrade - tool from draft workbench.