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Welcome to the FreeCAD on-line help

This document has been automatically created from the contents of the official FreeCAD wiki documentation, which can be read online at Since the wiki is actively maintained and continuously developed by the FreeCAD community of developers and users, you may find that the online version contains more or newer information than this document. There you will also find in-progress translations of this documentation in several languages. But nevertheless, we hope you will find here all information you need. In case you have questions you can't find answers for in this document, have a look on the FreeCAD forum, where you can maybe find your question answered, or someone able to help you.

How to use

This document is divided into several sections: introduction, usage, scripting and development, the last three address specifically the three broad categories of users of FreeCAD: end-users, who simply want to use the program, power-users, who are interested by the scripting capabilities of FreeCAD and would like to customize some of its aspects, and developers, who consider FreeCAD as a base for developing their own applications. If you are completely new to FreeCAD, we suggest you to start simply from the introduction.


As you may have experienced sometimes, programmers are really bad help writers! For them it is all completely clear because they made it that way. Therefore it's vital that experienced users help us to write and revise the documentation. Yes, we mean you! How, you might ask? Just go to the Wiki at in the User section. You will need a FreeCAD wiki account to log in. Ask on the forum or on the irc channel for wiki write permission (the wiki is write-protected to avoid spamming) and we will create an account for you. Currently the wiki account is separate to the forum account but we will create the wiki account with the same name as your forum account. Then you can start editing! Also, check out the page at for more ways you can help FreeCAD.

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