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Mesh EvaluateFacet.svg Mesh EvaluateFacet

Menu location
Meshes → Analyze → Face info
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The Mesh EvaluateFacet command shows information about faces of mesh objects.

Mesh: Ellipsoid Facet 3631: Points: <1817, 1818, 1866>, Neighbours: <3534, 3632, 3630>
Triangle: <[1.964574, 0.047063, 0.748046], [1.937166, 0.062461, 0.992797], [1.964574, -0.047063, 0.748046]>

Example of the information displayed in the Report view


  1. It is advisable to enable the Report view. The command will display detailed information there.
  2. Select the Meshes → Analyze → Mesh EvaluateFacet.svg Face info option from the menu.
  3. The cursor changes to a pipette icon.
  4. Select a face of a mesh object.
  5. Its index will be displayed in the 3D view.
  6. Additional information is shown in the Report view:
    • The internal name of the mesh object.
    • The index of the selected face.
    • The indices of the three face points.
    • The indices of the faces that share an edge with the selected face.
    • The coordinates of the face points.
  7. Optionally select more faces.
  8. Select the Leave info mode option from the 3D view context menu to finish the command.

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