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Mesh CurvatureInfo.svg Mesh CurvatureInfo

Menu location
Meshes → Analyze → Curvature info
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Mesh VertexCurvature


The Mesh CurvatureInfo command shows the absolute curvature of curvature objects at selected points.


  1. During the command the 3D view cannot be changed.
  2. Make sure the mesh objects whose curvature objects you want to analyze are invisible.
  3. Select the Meshes → Analyze → Mesh CurvatureInfo.svg Curvature info option from the menu.
  4. The cursor changes to a pipette icon.
  5. Select a point on a curvature object.
  6. Optionally toggle the Annotation option from the 3D view context menu to switch from temporary to permanent labels.
  7. Optionally pick more points on curvature objects.
  8. Select the Leave info mode option from the 3D view context menu to finish the command.