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{{languages | {{cn|Interface Customization/cn}} {{de|Interface Customization/de}} {{es|Interface Customization/es}} {{fr|Interface Customization/fr}} {{it|Interface Customization/it}} {{pl|Interface Customization/pl}} {{ru|Interface Customization/ru}} {{se|Interface Customization/se}} }}
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[[Category:User Documentation]]

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Since FreeCAD interface is based on the modern Qt toolkit, it has a state-of-the-art organization. Widgets, menus, toolbars and other tools can be modified, moved, shared between workbenches, keyboard shortcuts can be set, modified, and macros can be recorded and played. The customization window is accessed from the Tools -> Customize menu:


The Commands tab lets you browse all available FreeCAD commands, organized by their category.

In Keyboard, you can see the keyboard shortcuts associated with every FreeCAD command, and if you want, modify or assign new shortcut to any command. This is where to come if you use a particular workbench often, and would like to speed up its use by using the keyboard.

The Toolbars and Toolbox bars tabs let you modify existing toolbars, or create your own custom toolbars.

The Macros tab lets you manage your saved Macros.

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