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Questa pagina contiene alcuni link ad altre risorse FLOSS che possono essere utili e link a progetti in questo settore.

Altre liste curate di FLOSS:

FreeCAD in rete

Pagine specifiche di piattaforme relative a FreeCAD

Altri progetti CAD

  • OpenPLM An open-source, web-based PLM collaborative platform
  • BRL CAD Big Open Source package, a bit old fashion
  • Heekscad a CAD/CAM application based on OpenCasCade and WxWidgets
  • Narocad another OpenCasCade-based project, windows-only
  • Salome more a FEM system but have also a modeling part
  • PythonOCC complete python bindings for OpenCasCade, with own GUI builder
  • PythonCAD a simple 2D CAD application programmed in python
  • LibreCAD a 2D CAD project based on QCad



Tutorial video

Altri articoli su FreeCAD



  • PLaSM "Functional language for computing with geometry"


  • Calculix our favorite for FEM in FreeCAD
  • Salome FEM system with complicated design
  • Z88 is a fast, powerful and compact Finite Elements Analysis Program especially designed for PCs running LINUX, workstations and large computers with UNIX and PCs with Windows XP/95. Z88 is a work of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Rieg of University of Bayreuth. License: GPL



  • NumPy Scientific computing with Python (basic commands very similar to MATLAB)
  • matplotlib Python 2D plotting library (usually used in conjunction with NumPy)


Cose connesse a FreeCAD!

Un'altra pagina che contiene i link interessanti è il Portale della comunità