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Moduł obrazu obsługuje różne rodzaje bitmap i pozwala otwierać je we FreeCADzie. Aktualnie moduł pozwala na otwieranie formatów plików .bmp, .jpg, .png i .xpm w oddzielnym oknie przeglądarki. Obecne jest także narzędzie pozwalające na przechwytywanie obrazu z kamerki internetowej.

The image workbenches also allow to import an image on a plane in the 3D-space of FreeCAD. This function is available via the second button of the image workbench. Image-import.svg.
This function is only available if you have opened a FreeCAD document.

The image can be moved in 3D-space by editing the placement in the Property editor. The major use is tracing over the image, in order to generate a new part at using the image as template.

The image can be scaled by editing the "XSize" and "YSize" values in the Property editor.

Tracing with sketcher elements over an image works best if the image has a small (negative) offset to the sketch plane.
You can set an offset of -0,1 at import or later by editing the placement of the image.

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