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Workbench FEM.svg


The FEM Workbench provides a modern finite element analysis (FEA) workflow for FreeCAD. Mainly this means all tools to make an analysis are combined into one graphical user interface (GUI).



The steps to carry out a FE analysis are:

  1. Preprocessing: setting up the analysis problem.
    1. Modeling the geometry: creating the geometry with FreeCAD, or importing it from a different application.
    2. Creating an Analysis.
      1. Creating a finite element Mesh for the geometrical model.
      2. Adding Constraints such as loads and fixed supports to the model.
      3. Adding a Material to the analysis model.
  2. Solving: solving a system of equations using an external solver from within FreeCAD.
  3. Postprocessing: visualizing the analysis Results from within FreeCAD.

As of FreeCAD 0.15 the FEM Workbench can be used on Windows, MacOSX and Linux platforms. Since the workbench makes use of external solvers, the amount of manual setup will depend on the operating system that you are using. See the FEM Install page for instructions on setting up the external tools.

Menu: Model

  • Fem-analysis.svg Analysis container: Creates a new container for a mechanical analysis. If a solid is selected in the tree view before clicking on it, the meshing dialog will be opened next.


Element Geometry

Electrostatic Constraints

Fluid constraints

Mechanical constraints

  • Fem-constraint-force.svg Constraint force: Used to define a force in [N] applied uniformly to a selectable face in a definable direction.

Thermal constraints

Menu: Mesh

  • Fem-femmesh-create-node-by-poly.svg Nodes set: Creates/defines a node set from FEM mesh.

Menu: Solve

  • Fem-solver.svg Solver Calculix CCX tools: Creates a new solver for this analysis. In most cases the solver is created together with the analysis.

Menu: Results

  • Fem-result.svg Result show: Used to display the result of an analysis.

Menu: Utilities

Context Menu



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FEM Install for a detailed description how to set up a working FEM Module.

FEM Mesh for further Information about the FEM Mesh in FEM Module.

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