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FEM MeshGmshFromShape.png FEM MeshGmshFromShape

Menu location
FEM → FEM mesh from shape by GMSH
Default shortcut
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See also
FEM tutorial


For a finite elements analysis the geometry needs to be discretized into a FEM_Mesh. This command uses gmsh (which needs to be installed on the system) for calculating the mesh.

How to use

  1. Select the shape you want to analyze. For volume FEM this needs to be a solid or compsolid. A compsolid is necessary if your part is made from multiple materials. (A compsolid can be created with the BooleanFragments command.) -- For shell an beam FEM somebody needs to fill in the details here.
  2. Press the FEM MeshGmshFromShape.png FEM mesh from shape by GMSH button
  3. Optionally edit the minimal and maximal element size. (Autodetection works fine unless you apply complicated boundary conditions.)
  4. Click the Apply button and wait for the computation of the mesh to complete
  5. Close the task. You now should see a new FEMMeshGMSH object in your active analysis container.
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