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FEM FemMesh2Mesh.png FEM FemMesh2Mesh

Menu location
FEM → Utilities → FEM mesh to mesh
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
FEM tutorial


This tool converts surfaces of 3D elements of a selected FEM mesh to mesh. Internally it picks FEM mesh element faces which are unique (not shared by two elements) and uses them to create faces of a mesh. Optionally it allows to create a deformed mesh caused by the action of the defined forces. This is done by adding the displacement of the FEM results to the mesh nodes.

Two dimensional elements from the FEM mesh are not taken into account. If you need to convert them, you can use a python script below.

How to use

  1. Select a FEM mesh object (optionally select additionally the FEM results)
  2. Press the Fem FemMesh2Mesh.pngFEM mesh to mesh button



  • Load FreeCAD's 3D FEM example from the Start Workbench and run the following code
femmesh = App.ActiveDocument.getObject("Box_Mesh").FemMesh
result = App.ActiveDocument.getObject("CalculiX_static_results")
import FemMesh2Mesh
out_mesh = FemMesh2Mesh.femmesh_2_mesh(femmesh, result)
import Mesh

Converting 2D elements

Select a mesh and run the following python script

import Mesh

def extend_by_triangle(i, j, k):
    triangle = [input_mesh.getNodeById(element_nodes[i]),
    return output_mesh.extend(triangle) 

selection = FreeCADGui.Selection.getSelection()
input_mesh = App.ActiveDocument.getObject(selection[0].Name).FemMesh
output_mesh = []
for element in input_mesh.Faces:
    element_nodes = input_mesh.getElementNodes(element)
    if len(element_nodes) in [3, 6]:  # tria3 or tria6 (ignoring mid-nodes)
        extend_by_triangle(0, 1, 2)
    elif len(element_nodes) in [4, 8]:  # quad4 or quad8 (ignoring mid-nodes)
        extend_by_triangle(0, 1, 2)
        extend_by_triangle(2, 3, 0)

obj = Mesh.Mesh(output_mesh)

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