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FEM ConstraintSelfWeight.svg FEM ConstraintSelfWeight

Menu location
FEM → Constraint self weight
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Constraint self weight defines gravity acceleration 9,81 m/s^2 acting on the whole model in the prescribed direction.

How to use

  1. Click on FEM ConstraintSelfWeight.png or choose FEMFEM ConstraintSelfWeight.png Constraint self weight from the top menu or press C then W keys.
  2. You can modify the direction of gravitation by changing its vector coordinates in the property bar of newly created ConstraintSelfWeight object.


  • You need to modify .inp file to edit gravity acceleration.
  • Self weight is applied to the whole model.

Solver specific informations


Acceleration constant can be edited by hand modification after generating CalculiX input file.

Example of lines in .inp file:


where 9810 is gravity acceleration in [mm/s^2]

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