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FEM ConstraintForce.svg FEM ConstraintForce

Menu location
Model → Mechanical Constraints → Constraint force
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
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FEM tutorial


Această comandă aplică o forță de valoare dată [N] la geometria țintei selectată.

Cum se folosește

1)Aplicarea unei forțe în direcția normală a unei fațete

    • In Atelierul FEM, click pe Constraint Force or select ModelMechanical ConstraintsConstraint force pentru a deschide dialogul proprietăților Force Constraint


    • If you have Mesh displayed, you need to hide it (select the mesh object and press spacebar or right click and select Hide item) and show the original model.
    • Click on a face to which a force should be applied. It will appear in the list of geometrical objects.
    • Fill in Line load with a force value in [N] (attention: Not in [N/m])


    • Direction: In a typical case, you'll click this field empty to apply a force in normal direction to the face. You can revert the direction of the force by clicking Reverse direction. In other cases, you need to pick a face or plane, which is in normal to the force direction (it could differ from the face, to which the force is being applied)
    • Click pe obiectul Close to finish the dialog and create FEM ConstraintForce.png ConstraintForce


Defined force is applied uniformly to selected objects. For example, if you define one force constraint with 200 N applied to two faces having the same area, each face will be uniformly loaded with 100 N.