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|[[FEM_ConstraintFlowVelocity|Constraint flow velocity]]
|[[FEM_ConstraintFlowVelocity/de|Beschränkung Fliessgeschwindigkeit]]
|[[FEM_ConstraintDisplacement|Constraint displacement]]
|[[FEM_ConstraintDisplacement/de|Beschränkung Verschiebung]]

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FEM ConstraintFixed.svg FEM ConstraintFixed

Menu location
Model → Mechanical Constraints → Constraint fixed
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
FEM tutorial


Creates a FEM constraint for a fixed geometry entry by locking all 6 degrees of freedom of the selected object.


  1. Click on FEM ConstraintFixed.png or choose ModelMechanical ConstraintsFEM ConstraintFixed.png Constraint fixed from the top menu.
  2. Select in the 3D-view the object the constraint should be applied to, which can be
    1. vertices (corners)
    2. edges
    3. faces


You cannot mix object-types within the same constraint. Use one fixed constraint for each object type.