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Freecad.svg Tutorial
Export to STL or OBJ
Time to complete
20 minutes
FreeCAD version
Example files


In this tutorial we will cover how to export STL/OBJ-files from FreeCAD. Since the mesh-format STL/OBJ is dimensionless, FreeCAD will assume on export that the units used in the model are in mm. If this is not the case you have to scale your model .

Sample part

You can use your own FreeCAD file, but you could also create a quick test file by

  • Opening FreeCAD
  • Create a new document
  • Switch to part workbench
  • Insert a cube by clicking on Part Box.png
  • Insert a cone by clicking on Part Cone.png
  • Select all two objects in the tree view
  • Apply a fusion by clicking on Part Fuse.png
  • Save your file

Export Method 1: Using "File > Export"

  • Switch to mesh workbench or complete workbench
  • Choose Edit Preferences Import-Export Mesh Formats from the top menu
  • Here you can specify the maximum mesh deviation (0,1 mm is default) which controls how "fine" your mesh will get
  • Close dialogue with OK
  • Select the solid to be exported in the tree view
  • Choose File Export... and set file type to for example "STL mesh (*.stl *.ast)"
  • Type in your file name and don't forget the extension, choose Save

Export Method 2: Using the mesh workbench in FreeCAD

  • Switch to mesh workbench
  • Select the solid to be meshed in the tree view
  • Choose MeshesMesh Mesh from Shape.svg Create Mesh from shape... from the top menu
  • Select one of the three available meshers and specify the available options, for more info refer to this page (Mesh from Shape)
  • Choose OK and the mesh object will be created in the tree view (with green mesh icon)
  • Select the mesh object in the tree view and right click on mesh object in the tree view
  • Choose Mesh ExportMesh.png Export mesh to export mesh
  • You will be promted to coose file name (default is the name of the mesh object) and the file type (default is "Binary STL (*.stl)")
  • Choose Save and you are finished

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