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# Select a [[Draft Wire|wire]] or a [[Draft BSpline|BSpline]]
# Sélectonnez un objet {{KEY|[[Image:Draft_Wire.png|16px|text-top=Ligne à points multiples|link=Draft_Wire/fr]] [[Draft_Wire/fr|Wire]]}} ou un ojbet {{KEY|[[Image:Draft_BSpline.png|16px|text-top=Courbe B-Spline (Bézier)|link=Draft_BSpline/fr]] [[ Draft_BSpline/fr|B-Spline]]}}.
# Press the {{KEY|[[Image:Draft WireToBSpline.png|16px]] [[Draft WireToBSpline]]}} button
# Pressez le bouton {{KEY|[[Image:Draft WireToBSpline.png|16px|text-top=Wire en Bspline|link=Draft WireToBSpline/fr]] [[Draft WireToBSpline/fr|Wire en Bspline]]}}.

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Draft WireToBSpline.svg Draft_WireToBSpline

Emplacement du menu
Drafting → Wire to BSpline
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L'outil text-top=Wire en Bspline Wire en Bspline, converti un text-top=Ligne à points multiples Wire en text-top=Courbe B-Spline (Bézier) B-Spline, et vice-versa.

Draft Wire2BSpline example.jpg


  1. Sélectonnez un objet text-top=Ligne à points multiples Wire ou un ojbet text-top=Courbe B-Spline (Bézier) B-Spline.
  2. Pressez le bouton text-top=Wire en Bspline Wire en Bspline.


  • The original object will not be deleted after the operation, you must delete it manually if you wish so.


Not available, but creating a new object with the points from another one is easy, for example:

  • If the active object is a wire:
 import FreeCAD,Draft
 points = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.ActiveObject.Points
  • if the active object is a bspline
 import FreeCAD,Draft
 points = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.ActiveObject.Points
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