Draft Basculer l'accrochage

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Draft ToggleSnap.svg Basculer Accroche Draft

Emplacement du menu
Draft → Accrochage → Activer/désactiver
Draft, Arch
Raccourci par défaut
Introduit dans la version
Voir aussi
Accrochage Draft, Activer/désactiver la grille


Cette commande permet d'activer ou de désactiver globalement l'accrochage Draft.

Draft Tray

Draft Tray which allows you to set the working plane and grid, which could be used with the snapping options


  1. Press the Draft SelectPlane.svg Draft SelectPlane button to set a working plane.
  2. Right click on the toolbar space, or go to the menu View → Toolbars, and make sure the Draft Snap toolbar is visible.
  3. Press the Draft Grid.svg Draft ToggleGrid button to make the grid visible.
  4. Press the Snap Lock.svg Draft ToggleSnap button to make the snapping methods available.

The Draft SelectPlane.svg SelectPlane button is present in the Draft Tray toolbar, which only appears in the Draft and Arch workbenches.