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Draft ToggleDisplayMode.svg Draft ToggleDisplayMode

Menu location
Draft → Utilities → Toggle display mode
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Shift + Space
Introduced in version
See also
Std ToggleVisibility


This tool sets the ViewDisplay Mode property of a selected object to "Flat Lines" or "Wireframe". When "Wireframe" mode is active, only the edges of the object are visible. This helps you to select objects that are being obstructed by other objects.

Draft ToggleDisplayMode example.png

The frontal object obstructs the view of the object in the back; therefore, the first one is set to "Wireframe" to facilitate selecting the latter


  1. Select the objects.
  2. Invoke the Toggle Display command several ways:
    • Right click and select Utilities → Draft ToggleDisplayMode.png Toggle display mode
    • Use the Shift+Space keyboard shortcut
    • Use the Draft → Utilities → Toggle display mode entry in the Draft menu

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