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{{GuiCommand|Name=Draft ToggleContinueMode|Workbenches=[[Draft Module|Draft]], [[Arch Module|Arch]]|MenuLocation=Draft -> Utilities -> Toggle continue mode}}
{{GuiCommand/fr|Name=Draft ToggleContinueMode|Name/fr=Draft ToggleContinueMode|Workbenches=[[Draft Module/fr|Draft]], [[Arch Module/fr|Arch]]|MenuLocation=Draft -> Utilities -> Toggle continue mode}}

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Draft ToggleContinueMode.svg Draft ToggleContinueMode

Emplacement du menu
Draft -> Utilities -> Toggle continue mode
Draft, Arch
Raccourci par défaut
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Some tools of the Draft and Arch modules feature a Continue checkbox, which, when checked, restarts the command after you finish it, so you don't need to press the command button again, and you can quickly create several objects in a row, one after the other. This command switches on/off this checkbox for the next commands.

How to use

  1. Press the Draft ToggleContinueMode.png Toggle continue mode button
  2. Start a command that has a Continue checkbox, such as Draft Line or Arch Wall
  3. Cancel the command or press ESC to leave both the command and the continue mode.
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