Draft: Przełącz tryb konstrukcyjny

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Draft ToggleConstructionMode.svg Draft ToggleConstructionMode

Lokalizacja w menu
Draft -> Utilities -> Toggle construction mode
Środowisko pracy
Draft, Arch
Domyślny skrót
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The Draft Workbench features a construction mode, which allows the user to draw shapes in a special Std Group, with a defined color. The construction geometry is comprised of lines, points, and other shapes that serve as references or snapping elements which are helpful in building your main geometry. The construction geometry can be hidden (ViewVisibility false) or deleted after it is no longer needed.

Draft construction mode example.jpg

Construction geometry in blue helping to set the center of the circle

How to use

  1. Press the Draft ToggleConstructionMode.png Toggle construction mode button.
  2. Draw some objects.
  3. Press the Draft ToggleConstructionMode.png Toggle construction mode button again to go back to normal mode.

The construction mode Draft Construction.svg button is present in the Draft Tray toolbar, which only appears in the Draft and Arch Workbenches.

The color and the group name can be changed in the Draft Preferences.