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Draft Special.png Draft Special

Menu location
Draft → Snap → Special
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft Snap, Draft ToggleSnap


This method snaps to the special location points defined by a particular object, such as an Arch Wall.

Draft Snap Special.png

Snapping the second point of a line to the special point of an Arch Wall, which is the vertex of its base wire

How to use

  1. Make sure Snap Lock.svg Draft ToggleSnap and Snap Special.svg Snap Special are turned on.
  2. Choose a Draft tool to draw a shape.
  3. Move the cursor over a special object, such as an Arch Wall.
  4. A small white circle will indicate the special point to which your new point will be attached.
  5. Click to attach your new point.


The special points that serve as snapping points depend entirely on the object; these could be:

  • Vertices of base lines of Arch Walls.
  • Base points of Arch Structures.
  • SnapPoints of Arch Equipments.
  • Any point defined in the SnapPoints attribute of an object, if it exists. The vectors defined in the SnapPoints attribute (a VectorList property) are transformed together with the object placement before snapping.