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Draft Slope.svg Draft Slope

Menu location
Draft → Utilities → Set Slope
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
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This tool allows to set the slope (vertical inclination) of selected wires or lines. By setting a slope value, all vertices after the first one will have their Z value changed so the different segments of the wires or lines will have the given inclination.

The slope value is a tangential value: 0 means horizontal, 1 means 45 degrees upwards, -1 means 45 degrees downwards, 0.577 means 30 degrees up, etc.

How to use

  1. Select one or more Wire or Line objects
  2. Select menu Draft -> Utilities -> Draft Slope.png Set Slope
  3. Set the desired value in the Slope task panel box
  4. Press the OK button
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