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* [[Draft_tutorial|Draft tutorial]]
* [[Draft_tutorial|Draft tutorial]]
* [[Draft_tutorial_Outdated|Draft tutorial Outdated]]
* [[Draft_tutorial_Outdated|Draft tutorial Outdated]]
* [[Draft_ShapeString_tutorial|Draft ShapeString tutorial]]

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The Draft workbench allows to quickly draw simple 2D objects in the current document, and offers several tools to modify them afterwards. Some of these tools also work on all other FreeCAD objects, not only those created with the Draft workbench. It also provides a complete snapping system, and several utilities to manage objects and settings.

Template:Draft Tools

File formats

The Draft module provides FreeCAD with importers and exporters for the following file formats:

Additional features

  • Snapping: Allows to place new points on special places on existing objects
  • Constraining: Allows to place new points horizontally or vertically in relation to previous points
  • Working with manual coordinates: Allows to enter manual coordinates instead of clicking on screen
  • Working plane: Allows you to define a plane in the 3D space, where next operations will take place

Preference settings


The Draft module features a complete Draft API so you can use its functions in scripts and macros


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