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Workbench Draft Draft Workbench

Draft Line Draft Line

[[Image:Draft Line.png|32px|Draft Line|link=Draft Line]] [[Draft Line|Draft Line]]

Draft Wire Draft Wire

[[Image:Draft Wire.png|32px|Draft Wire|link=Draft Wire]] [[Draft Wire|Draft Wire]]

Draft Circle Draft Circle

[[Image:Draft Circle.png|32px|Draft Circle|link=Draft Circle]] [[Draft Circle|Draft Circle]]

Draft Arc Draft Arc

[[Image:Draft Arc.png|32px|Draft Arc|link=Draft Arc]] [[Draft Arc|Draft Arc]]

Draft Polygon Draft Polygon

[[Image:Draft Polygon.png|32px|Draft Polygon|link=Draft Polygon]] [[Draft Polygon|Draft Polygon]]

Draft Rectangle Draft Rectangle

[[Image:Draft Rectangle.png|32px|Draft Rectangle|link=Draft Rectangle]] [[Draft Rectangle|Draft Rectangle]]

Draft Text Draft Text

[[Image:Draft Text.png|32px|Draft Text|link=Draft Text]] [[Draft Text|Draft Text]]

Draft Dimension Draft Dimension

[[Image:Draft Dimension.png|32px|Draft Dimension|link=Draft Dimension]] [[Draft Dimension|Draft Dimension]]

Draft BSpline Draft BSpline

[[Image:Draft BSpline.png|32px|Draft BSpline|link=Draft BSpline]] [[Draft BSpline|Draft BSpline]]

Point Draft Point

[[Image:Draft Point.png|Point|32px|link=Draft Point]] [[Draft Point|Draft Point]]

Draft tools for editing objects

Draft SelectGroup Draft SelectGroup

[[Image:Draft SelectGroup.png|32px|Draft SelectGroup|link=Draft SelectGroup]] [[Draft SelectGroup|Draft SelectGroup]]

Draft AddToGroup Draft AddToGroup

[[Image:Draft AddToGroup.png|32px|Draft AddToGroup|link=Draft AddToGroup]] [[Draft AddToGroup|Draft AddToGroup]]

Draft Move Draft Move

[[Image:Draft Move.png|32px|Draft Move|link=Draft Move]] [[Draft Move|Draft Move]]

Draft Rotate Draft Rotate

[[Image:Draft Rotate.png|32px|Draft Rotate|link=Draft Rotate]] [[Draft Rotate|Draft Rotate]]

Draft Offset Draft Offset

[[Image:Draft Offset.png|32px|Draft Offset|link=Draft Offset]] [[Draft Offset|Draft Offset]]

Draft Trimex Draft Trimex

[[Image:Draft Trimex.png|32px|Draft Trimex|link=Draft Trimex]] [[Draft Trimex|Draft Trimex]]

Draft Upgrade Draft Upgrade

[[Image:Draft Upgrade.png|32px|Draft Upgrade|link=Draft Upgrade]] [[Draft Upgrade|Draft Upgrade]]

Draft Downgrade Draft Downgrade

[[Image:Draft Downgrade.png|32px|Draft Downgrade|link=Draft Downgrade]] [[Draft Downgrade|Draft Downgrade]]

Draft Scale Draft Scale

[[Image:Draft Scale.png|32px|Draft Scale|link=Draft Scale]] [[Draft Scale|Draft Scale]]

Draft Drawing Draft Drawing

[[Image:Draft PutOnSheet.png|32px|Draft Drawing|link=Draft Drawing]] [[Draft Drawing|Draft Drawing]]

Draft Edit Draft Edit

[[Image:Draft Edit.png|32px|Draft Edit|link=Draft Edit]] [[ Draft Edit|Draft Edit]]

Draft WireToBSpline Draft WireToBSpline

[[Image:Draft WireToBSpline.png|32px|Draft WireToBSpline|link=Draft WireToBSpline]] [[Draft WireToBSpline|Draft WireToBSpline]]

Draft AddPoint Draft AddPoint

[[Image:Draft AddPoint.png|32px|Draft AddPoint|link=Draft AddPoint]] [[Draft AddPoint|Draft AddPoint]]

Draft DelPoint Draft DelPoint

[[Image:Draft DelPoint.png|32px|Draft DelPoint|link=Draft DelPoint]] [[Draft DelPoint|Draft DelPoint]]

Draft Shape2DView Draft Shape2DView

[[Image:Draft Shape2DView.png|32px|Draft Shape2DView|link=Draft Shape2DView]] [[Draft Shape2DView|Draft Shape2DView]]

Draft Draft2Sketch Draft Draft2Sketch

[[Image:Draft Draft2Sketch.png|32px|Draft Draft2Sketch|link=Draft Draft2Sketch]] [[Draft Draft2Sketch|Draft Draft2Sketch]]

Draft Array Draft Array

[[Image:Draft Array.png|32px|Draft Array|link=Draft Array]] [[Draft Array|Draft Array]]

Draft Clone Draft Clone

[[Image:Draft Clone.png|32px|Draft Clone|link=Draft Clone]] [[Draft Clone|Draft Clone]]

Draft Snap

Snap Midpoint Snap Midpoint

[[Image:Snap Midpoint.png|32px|Snap Midpoint|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Midpoint]]

Snap Perpendicular Snap Perpendicular

[[Image:Snap Perpendicular.png|32px|Snap Perpendicular|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Perpendicular]]

Snap Grid Snap Grid

[[Image:Snap Grid.png|32px|Snap Grid|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Grid]]

Snap Intersection Snap Intersection

[[Image:Snap Intersection.png|32px|Snap Intersection|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Intersection]]

Snap Parallel Snap Parallel

[[Image:Snap Parallel.png|32px|Snap Parallel|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Parallel]]

Snap Endpoint Snap Endpoint

[[Image:Snap Endpoint.png|32px|Snap Endpoint|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Endpoint]]

Snap Angle Snap Angle

[[Image:Snap Angle.png|32px|Snap Angle|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Angle]]

Snap Center Snap Center

[[Image:Snap Center.png|32px|Snap Center|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Center]]

Snap Extension Snap Extension

[[Image:Snap Extension.png|32px|Snap Extension|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Extension]]

Snap Near Snap Near

[[Image:Snap Near.png|32px|Snap Near|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Near]]

Snap Ortho Snap Ortho

[[Image:Snap Ortho.png|32px|Snap Ortho|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Ortho]]

Draft ShowSnapBar Draft ShowSnapBar

[[Image:Draft ShowSnapBar.png|32px|Draft ShowSnapBar|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Draft ShowSnapBar]]

Snap Lock Snap Lock

[[Image:Snap Lock.png|32px|Snap Lock|link=Draft Snap]] [[Draft Snap|Snap Lock]]